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"Grace in the Storm" Collection — 19 Original Floral Watercolor Paintings Available This Week!

Save the date: June 9th, at 9am MST. All the paintings you see below (and more!) will be available at 9 am here on my website. You can subscribe to my artist newsletter to get an email when it's available, as well as stay in the loop about other art updates!

These paintings are a mix of radiance and storm — of sharp details and blurred watery edges. Each painting is full of movement and vitality! These floral watercolor original paintings will be available soon

These paintings are a reminder that strength and gentleness can occupy the same space, and that the storms of life can be met with grace.

Each painting depicts a brewing storm in the background, and windblown but resilient florals in the foreground. Holding their ground and maintaining their composure as the winds blow.

This collection holds some of my favorite paintings I've ever created, and I'm so eager to see which ones you resonate with most, and hear about the stories they evoke for you. There will be 19 paintings available in this collection — The smallest measuring 5x7, and the largest at 12x16.

With love,

Shealeen Louise


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