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HI! — It’s so good to meet you, I’m happy you’re here today. My name's Shealeen (or Shea), & I'm a botanical watercolor painter & Lord of the Rings super-nerd. When I'm not painting flowers, you can find me rearranging furniture in my home, cooking up traditional New Mexican meals, or going for walks along the Rio Grande with my husband Dan and our son Raphael.

I believe that art is meant to be shared with the world, & that creativity is a divine, beautiful gift that we are called to cultivate & foster — Both in ourselves & in others. I’m SO passionate about creating lasting, beautiful, & beloved pieces of art, & I strive to always reflect the renewal & peace I find in nature. 


I also love partnering with brands that want to help make our world a more vibrant & beautiful place to live. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of creating unique artwork for some of my favorite brands & publications. (To name a few: Urban Outfitters, She Reads Truth, HGTV, Riley Blake Fabrics, and Yellowtail wine). Email me if you have an idea of something you'd like me to paint, or for collaborations of any kind!


Advice I give to aspiring watercolor painters: keep your coffee and painting water far away from each other. 


— Shea

About Me

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