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Hello there!

HI! — It’s so good to meet you! I’m honored that you’re here. Whether you’re here intentionally, or you've gotten yourself irrevocably sucked into some sort of mindless-bunnytrail-vortex of wasting time on the internet, I’m happy you’re here. My name's Shealeen Louise (or Shea), & I'm a botanical watercolor painter, designer, & Lord of the Rings super-nerd.

Since moving from Albuquerque, NM to Nashville, TN in 2013 (I moved here to pursue music — Go figure!) I have found myself increasingly drawn to the world of watercolor painting, hand lettering, & design. Though I have been painting & drawing for most of my life — It wasn't until moving to Nashville that I began to create for others as well as myself. I now believe that our art is meant to be shared with the world, & that creativity is a divine, beautiful gift that we are called to cultivate & foster — Both in ourselves & in others.

I’m SO passionate about creating lasting, beautiful, & beloved pieces of art, & I strive to always reflect the renewal & peace I see in nature. 


I also love partnering with brands that want to help make our world a more vibrant & beautiful place to live. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of creating unique artwork for some of my favorite brands & publications. (To name a few: Urban Outfitters, She Reads Truth, Anewall, HGTV, Christie Cookie, & Pure Barre). Email me if you have an idea of something you'd like me to paint, or for collaborations of any kind!


Advice I give to aspiring watercolor painters: keep your coffee and painting water far away from each other. 


— Shea