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Fading Tulip. Original watercolor painting on watercolor paper.


This was painted in 2021, inspired by a photo I took many years ago. Anytime beautiful floral arrangements begin to wilt and fade, I always take away the blooms one at a time, snapping photos of them before they go. I believe that fading blooms still have so much beauty, interest, and wisdom. To me, this painting speaks of aging with grace, and a deep beauty — not in spite of time, but because of it.


"Fading Tulip" is 5.5 x 7.5 inches, and is available for purchase unframed or framed.


To purchase your painting with a frame, PLEASE ORDER A FRAME with your artwork! There is a seperate listing you will need to add to to your cart. Framed works are available for $85 dollars. The frames I have available are a beautiful natural wood with UV protective glass. They roughly measure 12x15. You can see photos of what your work will look like framed above! (Link to frame here)


Framed paintings will ship the week of February 8th.


A note on original works: All imperfections have been photographed, but please note that original works often carry small inconsistencies and characteristics that show they've been "well loved" during the creation process! It makes me so happy to think that these original works that I spent so much time with will soon have beautiful forever homes. Places where they can belong and be cherished and loved for years to come!


Much love,



Kindly note: I retain the copyrights to all my original works, even after sale. (This basically means that I keep high resolution scans so I can reproduce prints in the future!) Thanks for your understanding and support of my work. My "Fading Tulip" painting will NOT be made into a print.

"Fading Tulip" — 5.5 x 7.5 inches, Original