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Wedding Bouquets are among my absolute favorite paint subjects. I love that they carry such sentimental value, and I am honored each time I am asked to recreate one with my paints. 
Each of my custom bouquets is painted with Winsor & Newton paints onto 100% cotton, cold pressed watercolor paper. 


$300 - $900

For this style of custom bouquet recreations, I compose a simple yet elegant painting of your wedding bouquet. Instead of painting all the small details and flowers within your original bouquet, I will focus on capturing the main flowers and colors, so that you have a unique painting that perfectly reflects the spirit and essense of your wedding day!


$450  $1,400

For this custom bouquet option, I offer a more detailed rendering of your wedding flowers. I spend time sketching out every element of your bouquet before I begin painting, then I slowly craft your flowers with my paints, adding a good amount of detail as I go. For this "Standard Rendering" option, I merge my loose and detailed style of watercolor painting so that you have an artistic yet distinct replica of your wedding bouquet!


$600  $2,000

For this style of bouquet recreation, I carefully trace every detail of your bouquet before I begin painting it. I then slowly and meticulously paint all the details and colors of your bouquet, until it comes to life! With this option I will make your bouquet as true a likeness to the original as I can.


Depending on the time of year, my waitlist is usually around 3-6 weeks.
Please let me know if you have a date you need your painting finished by.


I ask for a 50% pay installment to begin work, and the final 50% before I ship your painting.
Please fullfill invoice within 3 days to secure your space on my schedule. 


My paintings are shipped in a mailer tube to prevent damage during transit.
I cover shipping costs for all orders placed in the United States. 


Ownership of original artwork belongs with commissioner after full payment is received. However, please note that I own the copyrights to all my paintings, which includes reproduction rights.
For more information, please fill out the form below, and I'll get back to you with a quote and an estimated timeframe as soon as possible. Thank you! 
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